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Fond du Lac Yacht Club

Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

On the shores of beautiful Lake Winnebago

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Where is the Fond du Lac Yacht Club located?
The Fond du Lac Yacht Club is located on the south shore of beautiful Lake Winnebago.  The facility is located on the far east side of Lakeside Park.  If you can find the marina at Lakeside Park, you have found us.  We are on the north side of the "Big Hole" that is the marina.  Look for the blue building.
What are the hours of the FDLYC?
In order to comply with local and state regulations, all events must be completed by 12:00 midnight to allow for guests to leave and for the Club to be cleaned up.  The building MUST be empty by 1:00am.  The Club is never closed to its members except for posted closure hours nightly.
Does the FDLYC have reciprocity with other yacht clubs?
Yes!  We have reciprocity with hundreds of yacht clubs all over the country.  We are part of the Lake Michigan Yachting Association and the Yachting Clubs of America.  Both organizations require you to provide proof of membership.  A printed copy of your FDLYC membership card is usually sufficient enough to gain access.  

While the FDLYC does not have a dress code, many clubs that we have reciprocity with do.  Please contact the Club you plan on attending to find out what their dress code is.  Some will require a sports coat, a suit and tie, or another form of formal apparel.  Most, however, do not require anything other than every day clothes.
Can I become a member and my spouse be part of my membership?
The Fond du Lac Yacht Club does offer a joint/regular membership.  Please contact our membership secretary at for more information. The Joint/Regular Membership does come with a few perks.  If both you and your spouse join at the same time, there is only one initiation fee, two membership fees, and you only have to put in 60 hours of service in your first year.  **(Note:  Each of the spouses must put in 12 hours on their own.  the rest of the hours can be shared among both members joining)
How can I join and how much does it cost to become a member?
In order to become a member, you have to be 21 years old.  You must fill out an application for membership and have 2 current members in good standing sponsor you for membership.  Once your application has been accepted and approved by the membership, you must provide the Club with 50 hours of service in your first year. 

There are a few membership fees.  The first year, you must pay your regular dues along with a membership application fee.   For the current membership fees, please contact our membership secretary and let them know that you are interested in becoming a member.
Do I need to own a boat to become a member of the Fond du Lac Yacht Club?
The simple answer to this question is yes.  The FDLYC does not have a social membership.  We are a boating organization and in order to become a member you must own a registered or documented vessel.  These come in many different shapes and sizes.  We have members join with 9 foot jet skis and others join with a fishing boat or pleasure craft of some kind.  A copy of Proof of Ownership is required in order to apply for membership.
How do I make a reservation for overnight or weekend dockage?
We have several slips available for members and non-members for overnight and weekend rental.  There is a per foot charge.  Reservations are on a first come, first served basis and can be made only 1 week before intended stay.  All guests must pay fees at the Fond du Lac Yacht Club soon after they arrive.  If no one is at the Club at your arrival, please check back often.  Any member will be able to take care of your reservation fees.  ALL OVERNIGHT GUESTS MUST POST THEIR RECEIPT IN THEIR WINDOW.
Can I book the Fond du Lac Yacht Club for a private party?
As a member of the Club, you are able to reserve the Club for a special event.  You are still required to maintain the 7:1 ratio of guests to members.  You must fill out an application that must be approved before you can hold your event.  Be sure to send your request in as soon as possible to be sure to reserve your date.  The Club is currently only accepting applications for dates 6 months out from todays date.

Please note that the FDLYC is not open to the public and therefore we are not able to open our facilities to non-members for events. 

What is the Clubs policy on guests?
The Fond du Lac Yacht Club is a great place to bring your family and friends.  However, there are a few rules which we must follow.  In order to comply with the laws and policies of the IRS and the state of Wisconsin, all guests must be accompanied by a member in good standing.  If you are a guest, your member in good standing must be physically present at the Club while you are in attendance.  It is the policy of the Fond du Lac Yacht Club that there must be a 7:1 ratio of guests to members.  Each member is allowed to bring 7 guests to the Club.  Spouses do not count as members for this purpose.
Can my children come to the Club?
The Fond du Lac Yacht Club recognizes the importance of family.  That is why children are welcome with parent supervision.  It is the policy of the voting membership of the Fond du Lac Yacht Club that anyone under the age of 21 WILL NOT BE SERVED ALCOHOL even with a parent present.  Parents are also responsible to clean up after their children.
Are pets allowed at the Club?
Just like children, we understand that our pets are our family.  Pet are, however, not allowed in the building at anytime.  You are welcome to bring them on to the property.  We remind you to clean up after your pet and to use an appropriate area for them to relieve themselves.